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Kyra Phillips interviews Erin Swenson

October 8, 2011, 15:00 ET – Inside the Life of a Transgender. Transcript Link. Excerpt:

PHILLIPS: I know. As a pastor you love people on a daily basis. And I saw your reaction to Chaz Bono, too, what a voice and your voice as well (ph).

SWENSON: He is…. I love the fact that he is female to male, FTM, because for so many years people thought if you were transgender you were always a trans-woman like I am. And Chaz has really helped us to understand the great depth of the transgender community, because we are filled…. We have so much people who have such great talent who have the opportunity to contribute to our world and our culture. They lose their jobs because of being transgender, and they're very often some of the most talented people in the workplace. And it's just a terrible loss not only for the workplace but for those transgender people themselves.

And as I hope you understand, not just them but their families. You know, when someone loses their job in this culture, we know that families are under great stress because of the economy. READ MORE

NEWSWEEK: Crossing Over by Daniel Pedersen, updated Mar. 13, 2010. An excerpt:

Since 1973, Swenson's ministry had been diverse: pastor and preacher, chaplain at a psychiatric center, instructor and supervisor of seminarians at Emory University's Candler School of Theology. For the past 12 years, Swenson has also run a private marriage-counseling practice. READ MORE

Ordinary People by Bob Geary, Indy Week. Excerpt:

Trans. Transgender. They're umbrella terms, says the Rev. Erin Swenson, for a wide range of people who "dissent from gender categories" and who may or may not be transsexual. READ MORE

Gender and the Pulpit by Monica Roberts about MSNBC's Laura McCauley reporting of Jan. 23, 2007: Workplace difficulties can arise for trangendered persons in nearly all professions, but what about those who are called to work for God? Excerpt from MSNBC:

Often using Biblical language to make their point, conservative Christian groups have treated transsexuals and other people with ambiguous gender as having psychological defects that can be cured with psychotherapy. Swenson, not surprisingly, objects to this characterization. “To pick out small pieces of Scripture and use them in a hateful way is damaging to me and to the Scripture,” she explains. READ MORE

Presbyterian Transsexual Ministers Ordination Upheld by GenderTalk, December 1996. Excerpt:

“It’s the first time, that I know of, that a mainstream Protestant denomination has upheld the ordination of a minister who has transitioned in ordained office,” Ms. Swenson said. “The future seems a little brighter for all of us today.” READ MORE

Transgendered Minister to Preach, Give Workshop, College Street Journal, Mount Holyoke College. Excerpt:

The Reverend Erin Swenson, a transgendered [sic] Presbyterian minister, will be the guest preacher at the April 26 Protestant worship service. The following day, she will conduct a workshop titled "Transgender: Minding the Body or Embodying the Mind?" READ MORE




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"recommend her without any reservations." READ MORE

– Dr. William R. Stayton
MDiv, ThD, PhD, Professor Emeritus & Former Director,
Center for Human Sexuality Studies, Widener University & Retired Professor, Satcher Health Leadership Institute, Morehouse School of Medicine

"witnessed Erin Swenson's grace, humor, and practical wisdom" READ MORE

– Rev. Chris Glaser
Author and blogger; editor of Gender Identity and Our Faith Communities

"gentle, resourceful and
skillful practitioner"

– Bishop John Selders, Jr.
CLS, D.D., Pastor of Amistad UCC


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